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Waters Family

Four Generations of Family…

The Waters Company was incorporated in 1926 by Burns H. Waters, who prior to its inception had been employed by the Ford Motor Company and BF Goodrich. Due to the small number of motor vehicles on the road, tire supplies were not in high demand. Burns diversified into other fields of business besides tire supplies. He stocked his North Charles St. storefront with a wide variety of rubber products.

These products ranged from hot water bottles, to men’s and women’s rubber bathing suits, basically any product made of rubber he stocked. He claimed and advertised to have the “Largest assortment of rubber products in the south.” Whether that was true or not…we don’t know. During the depression his sons (Burns & Richard) sold rubber helium balloons at local carnivals to keep food on their table.

In the 1930’s he expanded into the retread & tire dealer industry supplies. Upon his passing in 1948 his sons Burns H. Waters II (Bob, BH) and Richard W. Waters (Dick) assumed ownership of the business. Through the years all the non tire related items were eliminated, and they concentrated on becoming successful wholesale businessmen. In the early 1970’s they became member of Ascot Supply Corporation, which they are currently a proud member.

Upon the death of Burns H. Waters II in 1990, his son Burns H. Waters III, who had joined the company in 1969, assumed his father’s role. After the passing of Richard Waters in 2001, Burns took sole ownership of the company.

Today, Burns and his son Justin, who joined the company in 1995, run the daily operations of the business. As the tire industry advances you can rely on us to help guide you through with the latest innovations.

A family business dedicated to yours since 1926.